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The Far Kings' Ice Hole Band
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MP3 Demo's

On this page you can listen to or download a couple of MP3 demos that we have.

The show was recorded on a regular VHS Camcorder. Played the tape back on a stereo 4 head VCR with the audio outputs connected to the line in of a computer.

Software used to record and edit is GoldWave Version 4.24.

Click on the songs to download our demo. These are approximately 2 mins each.

Since they are demos, they fade in and fade out. This way you wont wait too long to get to hear the songs.

The MP3's are 2 MEG and less. Total of 18.6 MEG combined. (Give or take a kb).

Enjoy and please send your comments and insults since we like all critique. Especially the nasty ones. They give us something to laugh at you about.

01 - Machine Head - Bush

02 - Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones

03 - Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three

04 - Road House Blues - The Doors

05 - Higher - Creed

06 - Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry

07 - Who Are You - The Who

08 - Radar Love - Golden Earrings

09 - Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult

10 - I Alone - Live

11 - You Cant Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones